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Photographer and Stylist Tam West's career started in the Kurdish desert on the border of Turkey and Iran as a 22 year old art student, soaking up the culture and life of a people politically and geographically perched on the edge of the civilised world .

Those early experiences defined a visual language she applied to her work, taking on arts and crafts based projects in Istanbul, London and Sydney.

Inspired by art history, film, architecture, design and the beauty in life, Tam applies a layered approach to her work.

The camera came to the forefront of her work about 8 years ago when she became increasingly frustrated trying to express her ideas in the shoots she was art directing and styling.

Tam's depth of experience allows her to direct not only the photography but to consult on style, mood and general art direction of a project.

Her work appears regularly in NZ's leading food publications, advertising and many published books including NZ's best selling author, Chelsea Winter.